10 Travel Hacks To Make Your International Trip Easier

10 Travel Hacks To Make Your International Trip Easier

Traveling to a foreign country is equally problematic for the first time travelers as well as for the ones who regularly go for international trips. Visiting a strange country can be invigorating, but only when you are well prepared. If you just pick your passport, pack the bags and leave for the trip, the vacations might convert into a bunch of problems.

To ensure that you enjoy your international trip to the fullest, here are some travel hacks. Whether you are going for a business trip or for the family vacation, the international travel tips, given here will help you in every case.

Health and Security

Keep copies of your passport:

If you lose your passport in a strange country, the trip might convert into a mess. It’s not just about losing the passport but also the trouble in coming back. Along with the photocopy of the passport keep an electronic copy in your email account.

Consult with your doctor:

Visiting your doctor before leaving for the trip is a right idea to ensure that you have got all the vaccinations. Also, make sure that you have renewed all the important prescriptions.

Meet the insurance carrier:

Don’t forget to meet your insurance provider before leaving for the trip. Ask the insurance provider about your medical claim, its applicability in the country you are visiting and claim in case of emergencies. Sometimes they might suggest you get extra coverage or supplemental insurance.


Get money converted before leaving:

Finding out the foreign exchange offices in the strange country and then paying high for the conversions due to no other option is a big mistake many new travelers make. Do your math before leaving and get the best conversion rates in your own country.

Be handy with local cash:

Undoubtedly credit and debit cards have made life much easier and tension free, as you don’t need to carry money all the time. But when going on an international trip, you should always keep some cash with you for not every place like trains, buses etc. accept credit cards.

Solution to international roaming:

Huge phone bill due to exorbitant international roaming charges is one of the biggest troubles associated with the foreign trip. Expecting today’s travelers to stay away from their phone is also not possible. So to ensure that you don’t get a bill shock after returning, download some good calling apps like Ajura. These apps allow the users to make international calls from their local SIM and that too without any roaming charges.

Luggage and Packing

Pack only essentials:

When visiting a new country some travelers feel as if they are not going to get anything there and try to pack each and everything. The right idea is to pack just the essentials.

Mark your bags:

In a time when most of the travelers have travel bags from the same companies, differentiating them might get difficult. To ensure that you don’t mix it with some other passenger, mark your bag.

Collect hotel details:

Get complete details of your hotel and keep them with you all the time. From the hotel address to the phone number, contact person in emergency and the route to reach there, keep everything in written or in your phone.

Data roaming:

Though frequent international travelers get special calling and data plan when going abroad, infrequent or first-time travelers don’t do this. For them, setting up the cell phone to save global roaming rates on data is a right idea.

Hope you find the tips helpful!!

Top 5 Places To Have Your Honeymoon

Top 5 Places To Have Your Honeymoon

The honeymoon is your relaxation period after the stress of wedding planning and will provide an auspicious start to the rest of your life. If you need some ideas on where to take your first vacation as a married couple, here are five ideas.

The Maldives:

There is no location is is as exclusive or as beautiful for tourists as the Maldives. Here, there are plenty of high class resorts where you can spend your time sitting around near the clear blue water. While in the Maldives, you will have plenty of alone time to reflect on your future together and plenty of time to just enjoy being in the company of one another. If exclusive is what you are looking for, save up for a Maldives honeymoon vacation.

Monte Carlo, Monaco:

After you have looked at kent wedding venues listings to plan where you want to have your ceremony and reception, you should also look at places to have a good honeymoon. If fast action and fast pace entertainment is something that you and your spouse enjoy, take a trip to Monte Carlo. Located in Monaco, this is a millionaire’s playground. There is plenty of fun for those who are vacation here, both at the sea, at the clubs, and in a number of different casinos. Try your luck in Monte Carlo, but definitely enjoy your new love.

Paris, France:

Paris has always been for lovers. If you have never been to France before, take a trip to Paris for your honeymoon. Stop at the love lock bridge to add your own lock, then have fun exploring this world famous city. In Paris, you will also be in a prime location to roam around other European countries, which will make it easier for you to hop on a plane or train and explore another country.

Big Island, Hawaii:

Far away from the fast paced, big city feel of Honolulu, the Big Island is a laid back place to visit for a honeymoon. Here you will find many plantations that will provide beautiful bed and breakfast hotels with plenty of space for you to roam around. On the big island, you will also have plenty of fun laying on the beautiful beaches and exploring the coffee and pineapple fields. The big island also has nice restaurants where you can enjoy Hawaiian fare without large crowds.

Las Vegas, Nevada:

Known for its quick wedding chapels, Las Vegas, Nevada is also known as an excellent place to vacation, including for honeymoons. If you are on a limited vacation budget, there are plenty of lower cost hotels and low cost entertainment in Las Vegas.

If you want a city where everything under the sun is available on just a few streets, Las Vegas is the place you want to go. Remember to book your hotel in advance to get an excellent hotel deal and some possible casino bonuses, as well. Vegas is great for those who want to get away with a lower budget but have access to plenty to do.

Amazing Holiday Packages for Holiday Seekers in Bali

Amazing Holiday Packages for Holiday Seekers in Bali

The cost of flight tickets depends on the time you choose to travel. Tourists from different parts of the world including the US, choose to get to Bali through a Southeast point. But those coming from within Asia and Australia can easily make their way to Bali with spending an arm and a leg to buy the tickets. There are other ways to cut costs of the ticket including OTA’s and buying directly from the airline’s website.

How to reserve accommodation:

The type of accommodation you can book depends on how long you want to stay in Bali. The best ones include villas and hotels. You can easily book a place to stay in Bali online. Through agencies like The Seven Holiday, you can find an amazing place to stay.

All about holiday packages:

When on a holiday or honeymoon, the main idea is to relax. So start planning your relaxation early by getting an agency to organize your travel. The 7 Holiday knows what every traveller needs and they give you exactly that. You are surprised to find what they planned for you.

Before you settle for an agency, check if they have any reviews. It should be a stable company with over a 100 ratings from their previous clients. You should not just check on their website, look in different reputable review platforms.

You can choose carefully the package that suits your needs. The Seven Holiday has signature and customized packages. They are properly planned and include travels, tours and adventure activities in Bali or any other part of Indonesia. They are extensive to give you easy but safe and interesting trips for unique experiences.

The signature packages are made to bring clients to special places. You are able to explore the famous sites of Bali and the hidden gems where most visitors do not get a chance to visit. Some of the unique activities include a visit to local healers, local food amazing safari, farms and chocolate factories, hugging honeybears and a trip to the secret waterfalls.

When looking for a wild tour in Bali, you can talk to your travel agency and they plan exactly that. There is something for you and it will fall within your budget. The read-made packages from The Seven Holiday can be adjusted to suit your needs.

Where to stay in Bali:

When touring Bali, the best places to stay include Ubud, Seminyak and Nasa Dua. For a couple on a honeymoon or just a romantic vacation, Ubud, Jimbraran or Canggu area will be fine. Talk to a travel expert from the Seven and they will help you book accommodation that will meet your needs.

They will also plan your trips ahead and you will have enough time for the famous surfing in Bali. They must also include where you will savour local cuisine in local restaurants where they have reasonable prices to fit within different budgets. The Seven is dedicated to giving Bali’s visitor the best possible.

The Right Outfit For Your Hawaii Vacations

The Right Outfit For Your Hawaii Vacations

Hawaii vacations can make your coworkers and friends extremely jealous. So, the next time you are planning to go on a Hawaii trip, especially when it is drizzly and cold in your country, think again! Before spreading thenews about your Hawaii vacations, you must be prepared. You should have all the gears and apparels to make the most of your vacation.

Finding a suitcase to fit everything you need will be difficult. That is why you must decide to keep those heavy boots and massive sweaters behind.

With this being said, what will you take to your Hawaii vacations? Keep reading.

All Hawaii vacations begin with tanks and shorts:

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration if someone tells you that all Hawaii vacations begin with tanks and shorts. Most of the time, the temperatures can be as high as the80s. Hawaii is definitely not a place for people who wear layers and layers of clothes. This is why you must wear and carry light. A summer outfit will suit your Hawaii vacations.

Most Hawaii travelers prefer long sleeved tees and walking shorts. Some go with tank tops and cutoffs. Regardless of the style, you need a pair of shorts and few cute tees. Try to carry ten casual tops. Anything more will be futile.

Carrying socks, lingerie,and swimwear:

During your Hawaii vacations, you may not have access to quick and easy laundry. Above all, no one would want to be stuck at the Laundromat! This is why you must have plenty of lingerie, swimwear,and socks. Try to carry at least two pajamas and four bathing suits. Most of the time, you will be swimming in the Hawaiian Islands. Women are expected to carry cover-ups too!

When you pick socks, ensure that they are synthetic. Synthetic socks are much more comfortable than cotton. They reduce the risk of blisters. If you want to stay relaxed near the beach, you will need a pair of socks. On the other hand, if you are planning to explore the waterfalls and mountains, you will need a separate pair of socks for each day.

Pick Lighter layers:

It would be a big mistake to choose only T-shirts and shorts for your Hawaii vacation. Though the weather will be warm and consistent, there are chances of unexpected showers. Northeastern Hawaii is known for its rainy weather. Nights and mornings (early) will be cold. If you are planning to stay near the ocean, you will definitely feel the chillness.

To combat the cold weather, you must have two pairs of long pants and a sweater (preferably the lightweight ones). Those who want to play safe should carry water resistant jackets and a hoody too!

Planning to dress up?

Hawaii is definitely a good destination for romantic vacations. This is when t-shirts and shorts become boring. If you are planning to visit the upscale clubs and restaurants in Oahu and Honolulu, you will need a beautiful dress. People in and around these cities are known for its classiness and style. So, don’t forget to pack yourself a beautiful dress and the right pairs of shoes.

Why Do You Need To Book A Trip With A Trip Planner

Why Do You Need To Book A Trip With A Trip Planner

Some of the considerations come up automatically whenever you want to plan a trip: acquiring the lowest possible fares for airline tickets, hotel and rental cars. Besides the most common things such as planning a trip well before the departing date, selecting the right day of the week, there is one major thing that is bound to turn all issues and confusion easy and quick: hiring a professional trip planner.

In this post we are going to study the reasons of hiring a trip planner for your next holiday with your family or friends.

They will surely get you the best deals:

Do remember the fact, you may have your plethora of connections for booking the cheapest hotels and acquiring tourist services, but your extent is unmatched by those of a trip planner. The professional will have enough connections in their arsenal you must have never heard of. Trip First’s top destinations are incorporated in their services and they most likely provide clients with the cheapest rates not available elsewhere.

They have better reach than the internet:

Highly experienced traveling planner has connections and access to resources that internet cannot reach. Apart from discounted fares, customers can also avail cheap packages in thousands of average to 5-star rated luxurious hotels and resorts along with enjoying other perksincluding room upgrades, participation in live shows, exclusive meals, etc.

They have the most attention from hotels:

Hotels in fact, are extra vigilant to keep the trip planner happy, as a number of their revenue contribution comes from them. Trip planners direct all their customers to book their stay at different hotels, and hotelmanagement don’t want to lose a large chunk of their target audience. A hotel can easily turn down a private customer, but when the same customer comes from a trip planner it becomes difficult to avoid them, as the relationship calls for willingly providing the best deals to the customer.

They are well-informed in finding group discounts:

Let suppose you are traveling to the Disney World, Burj Al Arab, or any other high profile place, either individually or with family, mandates you to hire a trip planner for a location of that popularity. The trip planner will essentially find you a group discount for 2 or more people, help you acquire free coupons and exclusive room upgrades not available otherwise. Group discount is easily one of the most attractive prospects for everyone involved and can also be great time-saver and holiday experience enhancer.

The trip planner will rebook a flight for you:

Consider an unfortunate event for example, your flight getting cancelled, or you found the rental car ride really discomforting.Never stress, but throw a call to your travel planner straight away. The point is to avoid any more trouble and allow your trip planner to take care of all the fuss. The professional will rebook your flight or hire you a new rental car in no time without allowing you to get frustrated any further.

The professionals have the best cruises and activities for you:

Are you seeking a cruise, book the most attractive cabin, or simply want to obtain detailed information for all the cruise destinations and packages? This is where a trip planner steps in! Besides the other on-land activities and explorations, perhaps the planning agency may also be able to provide you the most tempting deals for exploring the coastal attractions and the sea surrounding the area.

Spending a Typical Day in Venice

Spending a Typical Day in Venice

When visiting Venice, it is necessary for visitors to immediately find a decent accommodation. Good rooms are usually available at around 75 Euro, including breakfast and parking. The next step is to go to the Grand Canal by going to the bus stop.

It would be necessary for us to purchase a combination of bust and boat ticket, which is good for 24 hours. The first thing to do is to take the one-hour boat trip to around the island. Bus in Venice can be stuffy and hot during peak tourism session. From James Bond’s Casino Royale to Looney Tunes’ Bugs Bunny, gondolas are iconic tourism transportation.

Venice is also known for its arching bridges and buildings located at the waterline. The St. Marl’s Square is popular for its many pigeons and it is possible to feed these birds. There’s a church nearby with its attractive mosaics and opulent gold leaves on each dome and arch. After travelling for a few hours, it would be the time to have lunch. However, it should be noted that restaurants located near the canal are usually more expensive.

Good lunch could include standard Italian cuisine, such as a wide variety of pasta and pizza. However, more common meals, like sandwiches are also available. After some refreshment and rest, it is a good idea to go back to the canal and our walk can be a bit slow, due to the both window and real shopping. There are small souvenirs that we can purchase along the canal, such as necklaces, bracelets and earrings. It is a good time to stay along the canals, by mixing walking around and sitting. The area is large enough for us to explore until night time.

The food is generally excellent for people who seek to get a good dinner after long walks along the canals. It should be noted that people who want to have a dinner for four people may need to spend about 100 Euro. After dinner, there would be another rush hour as tourists are flocking back to their hotels. Bus can be full and alternatively, we can call a taxi. Back to the hotel, it is time for a hot shower to release the tension after the long walk. Many hotels in Venice could be indicated by freeway noise, but it is part of the experience.

Many hotels in Venice include breakfast in the package. Some soft boiled eggs, toasts and ham slices should be enough to start the day. After spending the first day, travelling around Venice can still be quite confusing and it is a good time to take the boat to the Murano island.

The place is famous for its glassware industry. There are glass bowls, glass decorations and other items that we can purchase in Venice. A common activity in the Murano Island is to watch how glassware is made. It can be quite fascinating to see how people could create many good things by blowing a glob of orange, molten glass. The visit to the Murano Island should be completed after mid-day and we can continue our activity in the mainland.