5 Most Exciting Things To Do In The Gold Coast

5 Most Exciting Things To Do In The Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is one of Australia’s choicest tourist destinations. It has dozens of clean and scenic beaches, a wide range of theme parks, exciting boat rides, whale watching opportunities, and live dinner shows. That is why it is known as a major hub of entertainment for fun seekers and holidaymakers. Here are some of the most exciting things you can do in the Gold Coast.

1. Explore Beautiful Beaches

The Gold Coast has a coastline that stretches for about 57 kilometres, providing plenty of clean sand and water for those who like to surf or bask in the sunshine. Each of the beaches including Palm Beach, Nobby Beach, Main Beach, Duranbah, Currumbin, Coolangatta, Broad Beach, and the popular Surfers’ Paradise provide something unique.

They are also extremely clean because locals take tremendous pride in their beaches. In addition, Surf Live Savers walk along each beach and most of them provide a mixture of barbecue and picnic areas as well as restaurants and cafés. Visitors will enjoy using the walking tracks to explore the coastline and cherish the scenic views of the beautiful coastline.

2. Take a Ride on a Jet Boat

Jet boat rides offer a more exciting way to explore the shores of the Gold Coast than a typical sea cruise. You will be able to view the marinas, surrounding islands and city skyline while you enjoy various stunts including high speed drifting and 360-degree spinning.

You can also view a couple of beautiful landmarks such as the Palazzo Versace hotel, the Sea World theme park, and the South Stradbroke Island while you have some fun on the way. Most jet boat rides are scheduled to last for an hour, or half an hour. You should always remember to wear your sunglasses when you go on these rides. Wearing sunglasses will shield your eyes from the reflection of the sun’s rays off the water and protect them from the spray of salt water.

3. Visit An Amusement Park

The theme parks in Gold Coast make a very popular destination for families visiting from other states and overseas. This is one of the major features that distinguishes the Gold Coast from other holiday resorts in Australia. Each theme park has high quality attractions and at least one major feature that sets it apart from the rest.

Some provide amazing aquatic fun while others provide rope courses and zip-lines that allow you to travel over forests and lakes which have live crocodiles! Some of these zip-lines are up to 200 metres in length. Each of these parks has a variety of rides and slide shows designed for all ages and you find something fascinating to do or see during each season of the year.

4. Explore Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary is one of the leading coastal, wildlife and adventure rain forests in the Gold Coast. Formerly called the Currumbin Bird’s Sanctuary, this wildlife park has hundreds of Australian animals residing in a natural bushland setting. It offers one of the best opportunities for true family sightseeing.

You can see the wild lorikeet feeding, feed kangaroos and parrots, cuddle a koala, and watch the Snakes Alive show. In addition to the variety of animals, the park also has little trains that take you around the park. Also, there is an exciting tree ropes course for kids known as the Green Challenge. Here children can climb ladders, hang out in trees and balance on suspended bridges.

5. Go Whale Watching

The Gold Coast ranks among one of Australia’s best destinations for whale watching. Their annual migratory season usually starts towards the end of May and extends up to early November every year. The whales migrate towards Australia’s east coast every year as they move in search of warmer waters.

During this time, you will have the opportunity to take a tour to see them while they come out to play. More than 10,000 whales move close the shores of the Gold Coast every year. The massive shallow bay provides a good location for these humpbacks to rest and play on their journey to the Great Barrier Reef. Various tour operators provide some guarantees while some offer to refund your money if no whales are cited on the trip.


Those are some of the exciting activities you can do when you visit the Gold Coast. To have the best experience in the Gold Coast, you should endeavour to book in advance for these activities and visit at the most suitable season.

4 Fantastic Scuba Diving Sites In Hawaii

4 Fantastic Scuba Diving Sites In Hawaii

It really doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran diver or a beginner who is trying scuba diving for the very first time – Hawaii is one of the best places to explore the world that waits beneath the waves. There are so many different spots to visit that it can be difficult to choose where you want to explore.

There are some great places to explore off the shore of every one of the Hawaiian Islands and each island boasts at least one ‘must see dive’! With that in mind I have put together a list of my top 4 places in Hawaii to go scuba diving so that you can start to narrow down your choices.

Great Scuba Diving Spots in Hawaii

Kealakekua Bay :

This popular scuba diving site is located off Hawaii’s Big Island and offers calm waters shielded by towering cliffs. Aside from the plethora of marine life to be discovered during your exploration, many divers also like to kayak out to the monument in honor of Captain James Cook, the explorer who first discovered the islands back in 1778! As an added bonus, you can also snorkel around the base of the statue for some interesting sights

Hanauma Bay :

At the South East tip of Oahu you will find one of Hawaii’s most popular spots for snorkelling and scuba diving. The bay is actually a Marine Life Conservation Area due to the fragile ecosystem that exists there so there are some restrictions in place. However, it is worth complying with them to enjoy the stunning reefs teeming with colourful fish!

Kee Beach:

Over on Kauai, Kee Beach offers a sheltered lagoon with some beautiful offshore reefs. However, this spot is only really suitable in the Summer months since the conditions in Winter can be dangerous due to strong winds and currents. There are plenty of kauai rentals to choose from in the summer months as well.

The Sea Tiger :

If you are interested in wreck dives, then one of the most interesting is the ‘Sea Tiger’ which lies off the Southern shore of Oahu fairly close to Honolulu. It is more suited to experienced divers and offers a really exciting place to explore.

The 165 foot wreck creates a great artificial reef. The top of the wreck is around 65 feet under the surface although you can dive to around 120 feet if you are looking to spot Tiger Sharks or Hawaiian Stingrays during your dive. One of the most commonly spotted residents is a Hawaiian Green Sea Turtle that makes his home in the former cargo hold of the ship!

Getting The Best From Your Scuba Diving Experience:

If you have never been scuba diving in Hawaii before then you may not know where to start even once you have picked your dive site. However, there are plenty of local dive tour companies who can lead a scuba diving trip for you. One of my favourite places to go for scuba diving tours in Hawaii is Living Ocean Scuba, you can read about them here if you want some more information about them. Choosing to go with a tour rather than going it alone has a number of advantages including the fact that your guide will know exactly where to look for the best examples of local sealife.

Hawaii is the ideal place to enjoy some scuba diving thanks to the many varieties of marine life that make their home among the reefs. There are also a number of wrecks that can be explored which are always great for an exciting dive! The waters around the Hawaiian Islands are fairly warm pretty much all year round and the various islands all offer there own type of dives each with plenty to experience. It is well worth looking into organised dive tours in order to make the most of your trip to Hawaii as this is going to help you fit in all of the dives that take your interest.

5 Reasons You Need To Try Diving

5 Reasons You Need To Try Diving

Scuba diving is both a sport and an adventure. And what an adventure it is! It is an experience that can greatly benefit your life. It can positively influence your stamina and have a positive effect on your psyche as well. I will enable you to make long-lasting connections with new and interesting people and let you discover locations from all over the world. Check out this list of five reasons you need to try diving.

Physical Fitness Benefits:

Diving can greatly improve your strength, flexibility, agility, and stamina. Moving through the water makes all of your muscles active, every inch of them. Due to the water’s buoyancy, you hardly feel like making any effort, but your body is in a full workout. The best thing about this is that your heart pumps blood and oxygen to all the working muscles, making diving extremely beneficial to the cardiovascular system.

Relieve Stress:

Physical and mental health are often closely related. Because of the workout that comes with diving, you will immediately feel better mentally. Enough oxygen is supplied to your brain, and you feel better overall. Drifting underwater is another positive thing that comes with diving. You relax in the weightless environment, similar to being in space, and you forget about the world’s problems and troubles.

Oceanic Appreciation:

In this day and age, we tend to forget our connection with nature. Scuba diving lets you re-establish that connection by gazing into the mesmerizing world of coral reef and underwater animals. Being careful not to hurt any of them also raises our consciousness in terms of damage we do to the planet. When you see the glorious marine life and its biodiversity, it will definitely change the way you see our world.

Explore Different Locations:

There are many heavenly resorts and locations all around the world, but don’t get the chance to travel regularly and explore them all. By taking up diving, you have a very special reason to embark on various journeys and explore countries and their underwater kingdoms. I can suggest Egypt, the Maldives, Hawaii, but most importantly, Thailand. Diving in Koh Lipe is probably one of the best locations for diving you will ever see. But, don’t take my word for it, go there and see it for yourself.


When you start diving, you will meet many like-minded people. You will be assigned to a dive buddy, out of safety precautions, with whom you will most definitely establish a long-lasting relationship. You can meet your better half, or a business partner, or just chat away with other people, to pass the time and talk about the magnificent activity that is diving.

These are just some of the things that make you want to start scuba diving immediately, but if you need more convincing, start exploring it yourself. If you decide to try, you can check out some beginners tips and begin your scuba diving adventure.

The Great Fishing On Cruise

The Great Fishing On Cruise

The tourism industry in Musandam is growing ever more popular. There are fantastic trip packages available and you can find many great deals online. Many of these sites and trip packages are centred on fishing, boating and camping, but before picking a package there are a few tips about these trips that you will need to know. Here are some of the basics anyone thinking about doing some fishing in Musandam should know.
Fishing Locations and Rules:

Fishing in Musandam is a fantastic adventure for experienced fishers and novices alike. Musandam has some of the best fishing spots in the world due to its great weather and fantastic waters.

The Musandam fjord is literally teeming with fish and there are many boating and travel companies who specialise in fishing excursions. These companies will supply the boats, equipment, and staff to ensure that their customers have a great experience. Some will even offer other outdoor activities such as scuba diving, camping, and site seeing cruises.

A Musandam trip from Dubai is a fantastic location option for beginning your fishing and sight-seeing trip. There are many other great locations with each one offering a unique type of fishing and excursion adventure.

Depending on the type of fishing you’re interested in, it is important to do a little research on these locations before settling on one. This is especially true if you plan to do any deep sea fishing. These excursions are heavily dependent on the weather, and they must be approved by the coast guard, as it can get a little dangerous at times.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the fishing laws of Musandam. A license is required for recreational fishing, but tourists can easily get a temporary license by simply filling out some paperwork and presenting a passport. This is all made rather easy because the fishing or travel company will help with all these requirements.

Preparation for the Weather:

Winter in Musandam is the most plentiful fishing season, as there are many fish located more towards the surface of the water because it is significantly warmer. Though temperatures are relatively stable in that part of the world, you should definitely pack a sweater or light jacket if planning on fishing in the winter months.

Fishing in the summer is more conducive to deep sea fishing as the fish are generally located in much deeper waters due to the heat. Most deep sea fishing guides plan their trips in the early morning or around sunset as the fish are more plentiful during those hours.

How to Book:

There are many great online websites where you can gather all the information you need about planning a fishing trip in Musandam. It is important to do a little research on the company you are considering. Look for customer testimonials on the company website and check social media sites to make sure the company you are booking with has a good track record.

Planning A Destination Wedding On Cruise

Planning A Destination Wedding On Cruise

One of the reasons many couples choose the Bahamas for their destination wedding is that there are several regions that can host a dream wedding and honeymoon. Though Nassau is the island most often chosen by couples, other popular selections include Harbour, Paradise and Grand Bahama Islands.

As its capital city, Nassau boasts many beautiful venues for indoor and outdoor weddings. It has a vibrant nightlife to offer and there are several water sports couples can participate in during the day. For couples who want to experience the culture of the Bahamas there are several museums and other attractions they can visit.

Harbour Island is often the best choice for couples who want to have a wedding on the beach. The beaches of Harbour Island are consistently rated as being among the best anywhere in the country. For a touch of romance, couples love getting married while standing on the pink sands of the beach. Couples who actively enjoy swimming will find that Harbour Island is the best place in the Bahamas to do so.

With calm and shallow water it is safe for couples to go swimming at virtually anytime. Those who want to escape from the stress of everyday life love that Harbour Island’s preferred method of transportation is golf carts as opposed to cars. It is also not unusual to see people riding horses along the beach.

Located close to Nassau; Paradise Island lives up to its name. Couples who want to have their destination wedding in a secluded area can get married at Lyford Cay or Adelaid. For a flashier wedding, couples can get married at any of the resorts and hotels located throughout Paradise Island. The sandy white beaches and clear waters make for some lovely wedding photos that couples can cherish forever.

Couples that want to make their destination wedding a family affair often choose Grand Bahama Island. Activities to participate in while couples and their guests are there include three aviary sanctuaries and national parks, as well as underwater caves larger than any others in the world.

Grand Bahama Island is well known for its delicious fish fries, which the locals eat and enjoy on a regular basis. Couples and their guests can enjoy a hearty meal followed by shopping, golfing or simply laying on the beach.

One thing that is often overlooked when planning a destination wedding is what you can and cannot take along on your plane ride. Certain things like sparklers are forbidden on planes altogether while things like decorations are simply too bulky for checked luggage. Before you book your destination for your wedding, make sure you can acquire all of the things you’ll need when you arrive if you can’t take them along on your journey.

When planning a destination wedding in the Bahamas couples must show their drivers licenses, passports and birth certificates prior to the big day. Couples must apply for their marriage license in person in the Bahamas.

Arriving in the Bahamas on a cruise ship requires couples to prove that they have been in the waters of the Bahamas for at least 24 hours before they can apply for their marriage license. This can be done by obtaining a signed letter from the purser of the cruise ship. Couples are generally approved for their marriage license 24 hours after they apply for it and must have two witnesses at the signing.

Experience Delightful Star Cruise Holiday With MyDreamHoliday

Experience Delightful Star Cruise Holiday With MyDreamHoliday

A cruise holiday is one of the most refreshing breaks that you can offer yourself and your loved ones. And when that holiday is with Star Cruise, you will surely have an experience of a lifetime. A Star Cruise package is filled with unlimited fun, joy and entertainment.

And when you get so much at the lowest price, it becomes an unbelievably irresistible offer. That’s exactly what happens when you book a cruise package with MyDreamHoliday; you get the lowest cruise package price offerings for the highest level of comfort, luxury and pleasure.
Exotic Destinations

Star Cruise is the leading cruise line in Asia Pacific. With a Star Cruise package you can travel to exotic destinations in Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam and China. Choose the destination of your choice from the wide selection of tours that Star Cruise operates.

Comfortable Stay:

All the ships of Star Cruise have well-appointed cabins which are comfortable and relaxing. Whether you book staterooms or superior rooms, all your cabins will give you a feel of homecoming every time you enter it. You will love to put yourself to sleep and wake up in the comfortable room of a Star Cruise liner during your cruise holiday.

Fine Dining:

You can enjoy some of the finest cuisine on board any of the ships of Star Cruise. Your cruise package will include complimentary meals during the days of your cruise holiday at some of the choicest restaurants on board. But you can always check out other options to get a taste of the finest food from around the world and pamper your taste buds.

Fitness for All:

A Star Cruise package has everything it takes to make your days meaningful and happy, including jogging tracks and gyms for the fitness lovers. There are swimming pools and Jacuzzi, too which can be enjoyed on-board. You can shed those extra calories that you gain while pampering your taste buds.

If you desire to look your best and get the gorgeous appearance to match your grand holiday, then you must visit the spa and beauty salon on board.

Unlimited Entertainment:

A Star Cruise liner is a complete family entertainment. So, you have activity centres for kids, games room, video arcade, live music and show lounge to treat you to some world class performance. There are libraries and writing rooms to enjoy your leisure hours. For the solitary soul or the party-goer, a Star Cruise tour package has it all.

Shop till You Drop:

You surely want to take back souvenirs and mementoes as a memory of the wonderful trip you have had, you can shop for these on the ship itself. You can shop for watches, jewellery and photo souvenirs to take back home. You can pay via star points or credit cards to avail exclusive discounts on your purchases.

Lowest Prices:

All these come at an unbelievable price when you book a Star Cruise package with MyDreamHoliday which offers the lowest cruise package price for your cruise holiday. Experience hassle-free cruise booking and enjoy exclusive offers like never before with MyDreamHoliday.

You must be eagerly waiting for your next cruise holiday with Star Cruise; book with MyDreamHoliday for the lowest cruise package rates. Click here to book your holiday package now.