Travelling in Winter

Winter is just a month, and there are so many things you need to wrap before planning your winter vacation, but before you finalise any country, make sure you check out the exotic places situated in Northern Hemisphere. That portion of the world is usually colder than other continents, what best way there is to enjoy winter than visiting cold-snowy places?

Here’s what you need to know about travelling in the winter season.

1. Temperature and Weather

Temperature and Weather


It would be wise for you to choose a destination after going through its weather forecast of the time you plan to visit. This will tell you how good-average-worse the weather will be. Normally, worse snowy weather causes blockage where people get stuck, but today it’s not much of an issue. You need to confirm if it’s going to rain or snow during your visit so that you could pack things accordingly.

2. Hotels, Cottages, or Hostels – You Decide

Hotels, Cottages, or Hostels – You Decide

The next thing you should highlight is the accommodation. Now, winter travelling is deep and quieter than summer travelling. Therefore, I’d prefer cottages or small guest-houses over luxurious hotels. One, to avoid expensiveness and second it will kill the winter-mood if I choose to stay in hotels spending time in the heater. Visit countryside, sit by the fire, stare the flames while taking a sip of that coffee, the smell of snow, the sound of night – sigh, I miss my winter tours

3. Pack Winter Clothes

Pack Winter Clothes

There are different types of winter clothes; some help you get warm enough not to feel cold while others individually are for heavy snow and cold-breezes. I’d suggest you pack for the second reason because of you never what’s the temperature is like when you will be there. So, it’s better to pack, fluffy gloves, jackets, snowy-boats, and every cloth that you think will help you survive the real winter of Northern Hemisphere.

4. Always Choose Countryside and Villages over Cities

Always Choose Countryside and Villages over Cities

But that doesn’t mean cities are that bad to visit in winter, but villages and countrysides have more to offer. One thing that always gets me is how profoundly cottages in the villages showcase the beauty of winter, the one thing that you can’t find in the bustling life of the city. Most travellers who visit the Great Britain (England, Ireland, Wales) in winter choose the countryside for their entire stay.

5. Enjoy the Winter

Enjoy the Winter

Unlike summer, winter penetrates into the soul and hit deep into your body. I don’t know about others, but winter and I have some connection, I feel like I can explain myself more correctly and broadly in winter than in any season of the year. The feelings I have for people, the level of understanding, the quietness of the night – it all gets me. So, enjoy your winter, do not spoil it by treating it like other seasons, because it’s not and elevate your feelings.

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