The privacy of our preeminent visitors means everything to us. We do not wish to disappoint our users with any action, post, or statement that may or may not disappoint them.

What is Private Policy?

Private Policy is a set of documents or statements which specifically outlines the types of usage a website will anticipate. It basically allows the website to receive personal information to be used for required purposes. Every country ought to abide these policies according to privacy laws of their country.

What is Personal Information?

Personal information is a piece(s) of information that may represent an individual’s identity. Such information can be defined in the form of:

  • First and Last names
  • Email addresses
  • Billing address and social security number
  • Bank account details
  • Date of birth, education or employment details, passport details etc.

Travel Secrets observes and follows the privacy laws of United Kingdom that is the Data Protection Act 1998 (DPA).

What is DPA?

Data Protection Act 1998 is the law on privacy followed in the United Kingdom. The act consists of eight (8) principles:

  • Personal data must proceed justly and lawfully
  • Personal data must only be used for purposes specified by the website (reference to personal information)
  • Company must collect data only as per requirement and no more than sufficient need
  • Every perspective of data must be up-to-date and correct
  • Data must not be in possession longer than permitted or required duration
  • Every individual and visitor have rights
  • Company must manage security of every collected data

What is the privacy Approach of Travel Secrets?

Travel Secrets is obliged to follow each and every principle of DPA mentioned above. We will only ask for aforementioned information when an individual wish to contribute in Travel Secrets by any means necessary.

100% Security

Travel Secrets holds legal rights to change any terminology, content, and clauses mentioned in TOC and privacy with update notifications. We ensure every user and law-abiding visitors that every information we will receive, is your property and we will provide 100% security to protect it.

We have used various security tools to prevent any malware encounter that may cause a security breach, disclosure and unauthorized access of any such.

What are cookies?

A cookie is said to a tiny file that contains information about your recent internet visit. It initially asks permission from you to be saved in your computer’s internet directory (saved in cache). Upon allowing it, it performs various tasks such as analytics of website (traffic, the number of visits etc.) and provides you date and time of when you visited that particular website. So, it basically stores your recent internet searches (unlike history).

Cookies are mostly used for statistical purposes only. It identifies the number of page visits, post clicks, and overall traffic on the website. This information further allows the company to accommodate and modify content accordingly to improve traffic rate and enhance knowledge for the users. We use traffic logs that save all of this information in one file. This particular file is updated every once in a while, on run-time.

It is absolutely up to an individual to accept or decline the request of cookies. Different browsers have unique approaches to do so.

Do Travel Secrets use cookies?

No, we do not use cookies for any of the above-mentioned purposes. We use Google Analytics that works faster and much better in generating a statistical report. It pretty much covers everything mentioned in the cookies section but with various control of data and better look on the traffic and ways to improve it.

Travel Secrets does use cookies to maintain any user sessions (login, signup etc.). However, individuals must know that each browser has its own cookies saving your information for which Travel Secrets should not be held responsible.

Email and Registration Policy

Travel Secrets does not like to irritate individuals with spam emails. We wish to create a platform free of promotional annoyance. The users who wish to sign up for daily updates and comments will go through a form that will require basic information from them. Other than this, Travel Secrets is not responsible where or how your email address is used. Upon joining Travel Secrets, your email address will be shown while commenting only. In addition, applications submitted to us via email will also let us view your email only and only for recruitment purposes.