5 Science-backed Facts About Travelling

Travelling does not mean, you spend the money cheaply on things that may not become an essential part of the memory. One of the common misconceptions people have today is that if they’re spending less on during their travel then it’s good, but in reality, it’s quite the contrary.

Let’s see how science may change our minds by glancing over some travelling facts backed by science.

1. Flying for more than 12-hours turns-off the mood

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But that doesn’t you cannot travel, neurologists say that when a person travels by plane for more than twelve hours, the brain starts to create small doubtful thoughts into the conscious part, which eventually demotivate the traveller. In simple, the total time of travelling is inversely proportional to travelling motivation.

2. The Human Novelty

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The human brain functions very simple, it has a bunch of memories from past and present, followed by future visions, we all have some, and we all make some, but what about travelling? Do you remember anything about where did you go last year or what did you do when you were there? Most people don’t, and this is where the human novelty comes, if you want to remember your vacation for a long time, you should make sure to include a dramatic change of scenery somewhere in the middle. Don’t waste time in thinking about what kind of change, so just make sure you capture something that worth a memory.

3. Remember the Names

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I met a lot of people during my last travel, and I still remember every single person’s name I greeted. How did I do it? It’s simple I was more focus on my travel, more conscious about who I’m meeting and what I’m ordering at lunch. These details may seem irrelevant to some, but trust me if you don’t remember a single name or person you met during your vacation, then you violated the communication barrier of travelling.

4. Money over Materialism

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The meaning of spending more is not on objects but experience; you need to spend more money to experience new and things that you like during your vacation – that’s the whole point of it, there’s no fun in counting money and buy objects that resemble the location. No, it’s wrong and useless, because the objects and items you’d buy will become a decoration piece in your home, telling everyone ‘hey look I went to that place and this is its proof’. Remember, Happiness thrives when you spend your money on experiences instead of objects.

5. Does Travelling make you happy?

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According to studies, most people choose travelling over medication to overcome depression, anxiety, fear and lack of confidence. So far it is true and works 100%, travelling helps in both physically and mentally sense. What’s more important is the feelings and elevated emotions you get during and after travelling, if you feel even tiny doubt or regret for your travel, then that means you need to go abroad again. Just travel and be happy, life is too short to live happily.

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