5 Fascinating Long-Weekend Places in UK

Everyone loves holidays and weekend and what could be more enjoying than visiting places that take your breath away. I’m quite sure people have already marked the dates of their weekend, annual leaves and holidays already. In fact, some have chosen the places too but let me give you a list of places to spend a long weekend in the UK that will worth your travel.

Here’s the list of top 5 fascinating long-weekend spots in the UK that you will fall in love with.

1. Castles, Cottages, and Greenery of Worcestershire & Herefordshire

(Photo: The Beau Castle Estate, Nr Bewdley, Worcestershire,)

Worcestershire & Herefordshire is famous by tourists and travellers for its captivating scenic woods and natural valleys that shadow the beautiful countryside. Explore the ancient Medieval cathedrals and castles to enjoy the charming rural life exquisitely and what could be more enchanting than staying in cottages of Worcestershire and Herefordshire that most certainly will amplify your enjoyment and relaxation.

2. Gothic Ruins & Dracula Inspiration in Whitby

(Photo: Whitby Abbey)

Whitby is a small town situated in northern England (Yorkshire). It has a unique history that leads its admirers to the gothic ruins that one can still witness today in Whitby Abbey. However, Whitby is a great spot to spend refreshing holidays whether you’re with family or with friends. Listen to the tides as what they have to offer by visiting the picturesque seaside. If you’re a fan of pirates, then you’d love the Robin Hood Bay that is a pirate-themed décor. Witness how Whitby is connected to the Dracula’s story as there are many sites and stories in Whitby such as Captain Cook Memorial Museum.

3. Devon – The Surfing Heaven of England

If you find seaside more peaceful than other places, then you ought to visit Devon. It is a shire county surrounded by water, located on the southwest side of England. It is famous to house world’s most exotic beaches, medieval towns, fossil cliffs, and recreational parks. It’s the perfect places to spend a long weekend for those who are nature’s admirer. Wrapped in beautiful countryside and seaside, Devon becomes a complete package of relaxation.

4. Witness the English Culture and Heritage in Yorkshire

If you’re looking for a place to excel your knowledge and interest about English culture – Yorkshire awaits you. Yorkshire is one of the historic counties of England, situated on the northern side. It is famous to have witnessed the Roman and Viking civilisation, and you can still observe the heritage of these revolutionary tribes today in Yorkshire. Visit the Castle Museum which showcases the beautiful old England. From medieval abbeys and castles to racing down a hill inside a massive bubble, Yorkshire is admired nationwide for what it has to offer.

5. Cornwall, The Southwest Eden of England

Cornwall is a county that lands on the southern-west region of the England. It is famous for having traditional fishing farmhouses and mesmerising side with surrounded with cliffs and green mountains, Cornwall becomes the perfect spot for couples and solo travellers as it is peaceful, romantic and offer profound scenery from every angle.


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