5 Best Tips for International Travelling

We all have diverse reasons for travelling, and it does not have to have a reason. Some travel to find peace other do it while struggling to get out of the boring life, depression. The rest are families, friends, and couples who choose travelling for enjoyment and amusement. However, there’s a catch for those who are planning to visit abroad to spend good times.

Here are five best tips for international travelling that I have gathered from years of travelling, Enjoy!

1. We are all the same


You will be meeting new people with different culture, race, age, background and religion. It’s better to forget all these things for once and blend in with them like everyone else. It was the first the thing that I learned during my first international trip. Regardless of what language they speak or what colour they are, focus on what they and the place offer you. I was amazed to see how people nicely people treated me. Remember, some places are badly portrayed in the internet and media. Therefore, do not base your destinations entirely from irrelevant sources, we are all humans, and we are all the same with different cultural and ethnic values.

2. Create Memories as Much as You Can

Today we all have smartphones, laptop and cameras. Don’t forget to capture every enchanting moment that you felt was worth seeing and experiencing. This way, you will catch every perfect second you enjoyed during your international travel. I not only archived the pictures but I have made a travel book and attached pictures with captions. Isn’t that amazing? Well, try this on your trip, you can also ignore the smartphone, I’d prefer good reasonable camera.

3. Travelling is Learning

There were few points where I had come to learn things that I didn’t get to know during my educational time. From how to eat the traditional Maltese qassatat to the Arabian camel sajji, I was astonished and delighted to eat as everyone was eating beside me. And the best part of learning is everyone appreciates how non-local love to learn new things about their culture and traditions. So, learn and educate yourself about places as much as you can.

4. Travel with Bravery & Confidence

It happened to me, and at first, I didn’t know what to because my fear got the best of me when I reached the Australian airport, it was my first time, so yes I was very nervous and scared. But then I told myself ‘I can do this’ and went to ask for directions. The couple gave me a lift with an invitation for lunch. Can you imagine a person standing outside the airport and ended up invited to lunch with an exciting lift? Well, I overcame my fears and was very confident so, do not lose your passion for travel by wasting time on being scared.

5. Pack Less, Travel More, Forget What’s Left Behind

You don’t have to be rich to travel, all you have to do is to plan your trip according to what you can afford along with the destination. Today, there are hundreds of holiday packages that are extremely cost-effective. Make sure you don’t bombard your bag with irrelevant clothes and stuff, pack less and remember the purpose of travelling, you need to keep on travelling. It is more like an exploration, make it an adventure of your life. Meet people, reach communities for the company, act stupid and wild for no particular reason, you must enjoy your travel at any cost.

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